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Plank Bright Electroless Nickel plating yields a 3-6% phosphorus coating with a 63 Rockwell 'C' Scale Hardness.   Our unique process produces a mirror bright finish, with an average plating speed of 0.9 mil/hr.   Plank Bright deposits are ideal for wear applications, and when heat treatment is not possible or practical.  Field performance is similar to more expensive EN-Boron films and superior to other Ni-P coatings.

Plank Bright Electroless Nickel plating can provide extremely bright decorative Electroless Nickel plating finishes using a proprietary plating process, as well as a comprehensive range of engineered nickel plating systems, for high performance requirements.  As nickel finishes become brighter, there is a corresponding increase in hardness and a decrease in ductility.   Bright nickel finishes, therefore, are not recommended when parts are intended for applications demanding flexure, or when bending or crimping operations will follow Electroless Nickel plating.


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Brush Plating is an electroplating process performed with a portable, handheld tool, rather than with a tank of solution.  This process is also referred to as Contact Plating, Selective Plating or Swab Plating.

In it's simplest form, brush plating is similar to painting.  The plating solution is delivered to the work area by means of a porous, absorbent cover, or brush, wrapped over the anode of the plating tool.  The operator soaks that plating tool in the plating solution and deposits the metal by brushing it against the base material.

A portable power pack, with two leads, provides a source of direct current.  One lead is connected to the plating tool and the other to the part being plated.


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